We are appreciated to introduce our Team and the philosophy of the Company.
The idea of creating a company that will provide legal assistance and protect the interests of athletes appeared in 2019.
The founders of the project and partners are Oleg Zasidkovych and Yaroslav Zasidkovych.
Oleg Zasidkovich is a lawyer by profession. He graduated from Kharkiv Law Academy of Yaroslav the Wise with a degree in Law. For more than 20 years he has been engaged in business activities in various fields as a lawyer, head of the legal department, head of the company.
Before getting a lawyer degree, he also received education in the field of “physical culture and sports” being He has the title of “Master of Sports of the USSR” in swimming.
In 2021 he successfully passed the exams and received the FIVB Agent licence.
Yaroslav Zasidkovych was a professional ice hockey player. He is a champion of Ukraine. Got a Master’s degree in International Law at the Ivan Franko University (Lviv, Ukraine). He speaks 4 languages. Engaged in business. Main partners: USA, Canada, Great Britain.

In the spring of 2020, we began to actively advise volleyball athletes on legal issues, mainly related to obtaining a work and residence permit in the EU when signing professional contracts with clubs.
Our first clients were athletes from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
The first professional volleyball clubs we had cooperation with: “Dukla” Liberec (Czech Republic), “Lugano” (Switzerland), “Amber Volley” (Luthuania), VK “Prievidza” and “Slavia” Svidnik (Slovakia).

The company has been operating as a licensed FIVB agent since 2021.
Our philosophy is:
Reputation is above all.
Company motto:
“If you have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants!”