Ihor Bulakh
Chernihiv, Ukraine
Year of Birth
20 June 1986
Actual club
Russian, Ukrainian, English
Volleyball coach:
I am a young modern coach with a wide-range of knowledge and
high experience in team building. I have experience as a head
coach, coach assistant and trainer statistician. I`m not afraid to
intergrate something new and use non-standard moves. I am
excellent at analyzing statistics. I operate well with knowledge in
tactical, psychological and physical training. I love young teams
with a long-term perspective, because I believe that full game
tactical flexibility is possible in the early stages of the formation
of inexperienced players. I find a common language with
everyone personally and require maximum concentration and
discipline, and at the same time have a symbiosis with creative
Education and qualifications:
September 2010 – June 2011(master)
Team sports coach. Teacher master of physical
education. (honors degree)
Chernihiv National T.G. Shevchenko Pedagogical
September 2003 - June 2008
Organization of cultural and mass work and
tourism. Teacher of physical education and
valeology. (honors degree)
Chernihiv National T.G. Shevchenko Pedagogical

Work experience:
August 2019 – April 2020
Head Coach (the team «VC Atyrau-2”,

August 2018 – May 2019
1st Coach assistant/statistician (the team «FavoritLubny», Ukraine) Super league
June 2013 – May 2018
Head coach (the team ”Pedagogical University”,
youth team of Burevestnik) League B

2nd assistant/statistician (the team «VC
Burevestnik-Chernihiv», Ukraine) Super league

November 2009 - June 2013
1st Coach assistant (the team VC BurevestnikChernihiv, Ukraine) Super leagu
Personal Development:
Volleyball activity over 20 years
1998-2003 Attending Sports School
2003-2009 Professional volley-ball player
2006-2009 Player of the youth team of UKRAINE
2007- Participating in Universiade, Bangkok
Thailand, 6th place was taken
2009- Quit professional sport as a player
2009-Coach assistant, Super League
2013-2018- Head coach LIGA-B, and
coach assistant, Super League
2019-2020- Head coach LIGA-B,
National team
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