New members of the Lithuanian Champion’s Team

Ukrainian volleyball players Viktor Shchekalyuk and Andrii Chmirov a few days ago joined the Lithuanian Champion’s team “Amber Volley”.

Middle blocker Viktor Shchekalyuk is an experienced player and played in many local and foreign teams – “Krymsoda” from Krasnoperekopsk (2002-2012), in the Russian teams “Dynamo-Kaliningrad” (2012-2013), “Crystal” (2013-2016), ” Dinamo Cheliabinsk” (2015-2016), Belarusian’s “BATE-Borisov” (2016-2018) and “Energia” (2018-2019) and Kazakhstan’s “Kazchrome” (2017-2018). The last two seasons he spent in the Ukrainian Superliga – “Sertse Podillya” (2019-2020) and “Zhytychi-PNU” (2020-2021).

Outside Hitter Andrii Chmirov was a player of Chernihiv “Burevisnyk-SHVSM” (2016-2020) and VK “Dnipro” (2017-2018). He spent the 2020-2021 season in Slovakia, defending the colors of the Slovakian Champion 2019-2020 season- club “Previdza”.

“Aragones” sports agency

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